Locals Will Bike Across 48 States for Orphans

Created: 05/11/2014 10:56 PM
By: Hannah Tran

(ABC 6 News) -- Two Rochester natives who just graduated from college are already busy planning for a bike trip across the entire U.S. It will be the bike trip of their lives.

     The two graduates from South Dakota University are joining three other brothers from their fraternity to raise awareness and money for educating orphaned children in Honduras.

     "48 states, five brothers, one dream," said Ben Ruggeberg, who's one of the two Rochester natives that's taking part in the journey. 

     Half a year of planning for half a year of travel.

     "It will definitely be a challenge," said Ruggeberg.

      It will also take a lot of time. Ruggeberg and his brothers will be visiting every state on their bikes, except Hawaii and Alaska.

     "You definitely have to pack light," laughed Ruggeberg. He also adds that it's his education and his privilege to experience and complete it that's the engine for his endeavor.

     "To help others and provide education for people that don't have it," he said.

     The City of Refuge, near Comayagua, Honduras, is the spot overseas where these five brothers hope to help. They want to build a secondary school and a college to continue the education of orphaned children, who only have an elementary school to go to.

     Michael Amen, one of the brothers of the fraternity and member of bike group dubbed as the "Great 48," says the timing after college is ideal.

     "Before we get into our real jobs, get settled down with a family, we wanted to make a difference," he stated.

     They will stop by churches nationwide, where they will share their story to find enough support to raise $100,000 dollars. An organization in Honduras will match their funds with an additional $150,000 dollars.

     "We're definitely excited to share our story with people throughout the United States," added Ruggeberg.

     Hundreds of stories, across 10,000 miles, all for a dream, to give education for the children of Honduras through an experience beyond state lines, beyond society's everyday privileges.

     The boys are set to leave by early next week. They hope to travel through 48 states in about 5 to 6 months. Great 48 will post their route as they go online on their website at

Five friends organize a bike trip across 48 states for Honduran orphans.