Car Care Clinic for Single Moms in Austin

Created: 05/03/2014 10:40 PM
By: Hannah Tran

Single moms in Austin got some special attention on Saturday. They got pampered with manicures and massages while their cars got a little pampering too.

"I love them, yeah, it's going to be a sandals day today," said Kathy Ewing.

Ewing is a single mom, like most of the women sitting down at Cornerstone Church, who were also getting a free beauty treatment. They all brought their cars to Holiday Ford in Austin for a little fix-up, at no cost.

"Those of us that don't have husbands at the moment, you know, don't have that backup to always say 'hey, honey, have you checked the oil'?"

Ewing is one of over 35 single mothers who got the chance to kick back at Cornerstone Church while their cars sat in a shop, thanks to Mission 507 from members of the church.

"You know you hear about the moms that struggle each day and the things that they face, you know they're just struggling to try to get to and from work," said Brian Theobald, church member and founder of the program.

Holiday Ford employees volunteered their time and space for a free car clinic. It's the second year of the event and there's nearly twice as many women who asked for assistance than last year. There were oil changes, tire rotations, and other minor fixes.

"It's really doing a 23-point inspection on each car, seeing a lot of wiper blades, and seeing some headlights," said Holiday Ford owner Nathan Toland.

It doesn't just stop at getting a little maintenance. They even get a car wash to leave a squeaky clean surface that will, hopefully, return to a single mother with one less thing to worry about.

"Because, you know, when you're trying to raise a family as a single parent, it's tough," said Theobald

The care-free mothers who waited for their car to return from the free clinic may have caught the break they needed from their busy schedules.

Church officials hope this event grows. Starting next year, they will start trying to get every church in Austin involved.