Inside Mayo's Healthy Living and Sports Complex Center

Created: 04/29/2014 9:44 PM
By: Hannah Tran

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- On Tuesday, Mayo officials provided a media tour of the new Sports Medicine Clinic for athletes and its Healthy Living Program for individuals who want to achieve and sustain wellness. Both programs are at Mayo Clinic's Abraham Healthy Living Center in Rochester.

"I think our vision was to have a world class facility," said Michael Stuart, Co-Director of Mayo Clinic's Sports Medicine.

Every athlete's movement on a turf covered floor in the Sports Clinic is captured by a camera to improve techniques or prevent injuries.

"We can utilize our video systems to make sure that their mechanics are correct, so when they do go back to play, they won't be injured again," said Stuart.

The Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center, with top notch equipment and staff, is set to open in less than a week. On several floors above is Mayo Clinic's soon-to-come Healthy Living Program.

"There are a lot of different wellness programs out there, but there really isn't one like the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program," said program Director Donald Hensrud.

Cooking classes, yoga, and even meditation are all sessions packed into a four day experience to reach wellness with physical activity, nutrition, and resiliency.

"Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program is designed to help people create an individualized wellness plan that they can sustain over time," said Hensrud.

He says the most important goal is to maintain these habits after the program.

"There's a disconnect, we don't implement it in our daily lives as much as we could or should," said Hensrud. He emphasizes that the resiliency piece of the program is key.

"We believe that this will help people to not only start making changes, but sustain them indefinitely and that's really the name of the game in health promotion," said Hensrud.

Whether it's connecting the body and mind or utilizing new approaches to fitness, Mayo Clinic's Sports Medicine Center and its Healthy Living Program both strive for sustainability.

The Sports Center will open on May 5th, along with the Healthy Living Program. However, unlike the center, the program will not be open at full-scale next Monday, but it will begin some of its classes and sessions.