One Mom on a Mission to End the Use of the "R" Word

Updated: 04/27/2014 10:47 PM
Created: 04/27/2014 9:42 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- One local mom is on a mission to help stop bullying by putting an end on the use of the "R" word.

It's an old term to describe someone with a developmental disability but it's often used as a slang to call someone stupid.

Tena Green who has a son with Down Syndrome, along the the ARC of Southeast Minnesota

and the Special Olympics Southern Minnesota is inviting everyone to join a flash mob event called "Fill the Heart" on April 29, Tuesday, 5:30 pm at John Marshall High School in Rochester.

They're hoping you can join in forming a human heart and help end the use of the "R" word in our community.

Tena emphasizes that "this is to let people know that Brady, and others like him are just like everyone else and when people use the "r" word, it's hurtful and even if you're not referring to him, it still hurts him."

For more information, you can go to Featured Links on our website and click on "Fill the Heart" link.

One local mom is on a mission to end the use of the "R" word.