Community Welcomes RCTCs New President

Created: 04/24/2014 6:34 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- The newly selected RCTC President made her first official address at the campus Thursday. Leslie McClellon comes from Colorado, where she has served as Vice President of student affairs at the community college of Denver.

Both levels of the atrium were packed with students, staff, and community members eager to meet the new president. Leslie McClellon set a strong precedent when she took the stage. "When people think about collaboration, building a community, partnerships, they're going to think about Rochester," said McClellon.

She exuded confidence in RCTC's future, a quality that made her stand out as a candidate. "I have never been as inspired by the feedback that came from this community about the candidacy on Leslie McClellon of any candidate I have ever read any feedback from, from any campus in the system," said MNSCU Chancellor Steven Rosenstone.

McClellon says her position in Rochester isn't just a stepping stone, she's here to stay. She says she's determined to make the college and community known around the world. "We will be nationally known, we'll probably be internationally known. My boss over here is probably going 'oh lord help me, what did I do?" laughed McClellon. She even shed light to her fun side, "As you can see by my personality already, this is it, so I hope this is okay!" she said.

McClellon did prove though, that she's serious about her role and is excited for the future. If we take that seriously, the work we do, we will liberate the students to go on to be the leaders of tomorrow," said Mclellon.

She will officially take the reins on July first.