Mason City Announces RAGBRAI Entertainment and Theme

Created: 04/23/2014 10:59 PM
By: John Doetkott

(ABC 6 News) -- RAGBRAI, the week-long bike ride across Iowa that attracts thousands of people, will make an overnight stop in Mason City this year.

On Wednesday night, city organizers unveiled the stop’s theme and the entertainment, saying the promotion will help boost the city’s economy.

Roughly 20,000 bikers and spectators from across the country are expected to descend on Mason City on July 23rd, and with them comes the opportunity for the city to showcase its local businesses and attractions.

"They'll come into our community, they spend money, and they shop, but the biggest thing they'll do, if they really enjoy our community, is they'll come back," said Jodee O’Brien, executive director of Mainstreet Mason City.

City leaders say visitors will likely contribute around $3 million to the local economy in a 24-hour span.

And on Wednesday night, more than a hundred people gathered at Southbridge Mall to hear how they will be welcomed.

With riders coming in on Wednesday, organizers appropriately dubbed the stop's theme: The Best Hump Day Ever.

The logo features a camel riding a bicycle with corn growing in the background.

"I think the design is really cool,” said Justin Anderson, a RAGBRAI fan. “I think it's awesome."

And while they're in town, RAGBRAI riders will be treated to a free concert by Bret Michaels with special guest, WARRANT.

"I'm really excited that Bret Michaels is coming,” said Michelle Anderson, who will be a spectator at this year’s race. “I've watched his reality show before and he's a great performer."

RAGBRAI hasn't made an overnight stop in Mason City since 1985, and city leaders said they're excited to show riders what the city is all about.

"We're really ready for it now,” O’Brien said. “The energy of the community, they're really fired up about Mason City, and so that's a huge thing."