App Lets Users Report Potholes, Other Problems to be Fixed

Created: 04/23/2014 10:50 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

Citizens are often the eyes and the ears of our community. Many times we see road problems like potholes and broken stoplights before city workers. There's a smartphone app you can use to tip off city officials about these pesky issues.

It's the season for potholes on Minnesota roads. "There have been a lot, it seems like a lot after this winter, I know there's a big one down on this street that way,” said Rochester resident, Ann Bottorff.

But imagine if you could easily report potholes like these in order to get them fixed. Well you can through an app right on your smartphone. The app is called “SeeClickFix”. Through an account you can report all kinds of issues, ranging from broken traffic signs to overgrown trees.

"Everyone can take a picture, everyone can send this in for the most part and what we want to do as a community and what's happening all over the country is just using this simple technology, report the issues, get them to the people who make the fixes as quickly as possible and take care of any safety issues we have,” said Rochester City Council Member, Michael Wojcik.

Rochester City Council Member Michael Wojcik has made it a priority to be the watch dog of Rochester’s “SeeClickFix” reports. The city itself isn't able to keep tabs on the app, so Wojcik makes sure the issues get to the right people.

"Ideally what I would love to see is I’d love to be cut out of the process and if somebody reports a pothole it just goes to street maintenance instead of coming to me first,” said Wojcik.

Rochester Public Works is in the process of creating its own type of report a problem technology. "You'd have the ability to drop it down into a certain type of asset, is it a tree issue, is it a sidewalk issue ex and selecting those items allows you to route it to the proper people,” said Kevin Morrissey with Rochester Public Works.

"I think it would be a great idea for people to be able to just go oh yeah there's a pothole there, especially bikers,” said Bottorff.

Rochester Public Works tells us their report a problem website will be out within the next two years.