A Local Church Opens its Doors to Community on Easter

Created: 04/20/2014 10:51 PM
By: Hannah Tran

(ABC 6 News) – For more than a decade, the Christ Episcopal Church in Austin has given an opportunity for any resident who needs a sense of community on Easter.

It’s the 15th year of their free community Easter dinner. The event brought people from in and out of the state.

Busy hands prepared food for over a hundred people. There were 25 pounds of ham, 24 pounds of creamed corn.

Easter, like many other holidays, holds a different meaning from person to person, between families of separate cultures. But across all heritages, holidays like Easter bring people together.

"And coming together to eat a meal, having joy, and celebrating together just personifies Easter."

Austin's Christ Eh-piss-cuh-pole Church continued their Easter tradition of serving a free meal to its community.

"Everyone is welcome, all of the community is welcome." And they mean everyone.

Those who come to the dinner feels right at home. On Easter, many reconnect, others meet new people, and some feel renewed. These are the times when the best of a community shines bright.

Nearby churches take turns with being in charge of community holiday dinners. The Christ Episcopal Church has been hosting Easter meals for over a decade.

Christ Episcopal Church in Austin opens its doors to the community.