Charter Communications Adds 140 Jobs, Moves to New Location

Updated: 04/17/2014 3:18 PM
Created: 04/17/2014 3:16 PM

(ABC 6 News) - A Rochester company has added 140 news jobs and is setting up shop in a new location .

If this building looks familiar, that's because you may recognize it as part of Big Blue... Rochester's IBM campus. But with some vacant space, Charter Communications is now moving in. The new location and addition of positions is part of keeping up with Rochester's growth as a city.

"We love to open in areas where the economy is vibrant," says Charter Communications' Don Detample. "As you know, as people come in and move here they build homes and buy things which includes cable services and that's good for us."

The addition of 140 new jobs for Charter started four months ago. Another benefit of the new location... there's still room for additional expansion.