Governor Dayton to Sign Controversial Anti-Bully Bill

Updated: 04/09/2014 7:53 AM
Created: 04/09/2014 5:21 AM

(ABC 6 News) -- The controversial anti-bully bill now awaits Governor Dayton's signature, after it passed through the house late Tuesday night.

He is expected to sign it on the Capitol steps, along with education officials, parents and students, at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Members of the house voted to pass it on a 69-63 vote.

The vote came after nearly 12 hours of debate, where Republicans slammed the bill.

"The Democrats are turning our state inside out, and our children are paying the price. Our rights, our liberties, our freedoms, who and what we are. It's all getting turned on its head," said Rep. Jim Newberger, Becker.

Opponents of the Safe and Supportive Schools Act say it's too costly, includes too much state control and still doesn't explicitly require that parents be notified of all bullying incidents.

Supporters argue the bill could save lives.

The bill passed the Senate last week on a 36-31 vote, and after six hours of debate.