Austin Cans New Logo, Will Hold Contest Instead

Created: 04/08/2014 5:19 PM
By: Dan Conradt

People spoke, and city hall apparently listened.

"It was real clear to the council after the citizen input that it was a lead balloon," Austin city council member Steve King told us.

It generated a flood of e-mails, phone calls and comments on social media. and the Austin city council has voted to not move ahead with the city's proposed new logo.

"We were looking for something you easily recognize as the city of Austin, Minnesota," council member Judy Enright said.

Enright served on a task force that first started looking at the idea of a new logo. But reaction was overwhelmingly negative. Some said it looked like a sardine can ... others objected to the fact that it looked like a top-down view of a SPAM can.

"When we looked for the criteria there were people who said we can't ignore our connection to Horme,l" council member Judy Enright told us.

“I didn't hear gosh, we can't have a logo that referenced Hormel. A few, but the majority said we just don't like it," council member Steve King added.

King and Enright both say the logo generated more feedback than any other issue they've dealt with during their time on the council.

But Judy Enright said that didn’t surprise her: "Not really. I didn't think people were going to like it."

A Twin Cities consulting firm was paid $53,000 dollars for creating the logo.

"We did get something for that money. We've got a story-telling platform, we know what people want ... clean, simple, modern," Judy Enright said.

“I think if you can find some creative folks in Austin to make a contest out of it and bring us something better, we're open to it," Steve King added.

This afternoon we learned the city is still listening to those on social media.
It says in the coming months it'll be having a logo contest.