Hormel Researchers Heading to National Conference

Created: 04/03/2014 6:41 PM

(ABC 6 News) - They're at the forefront of cancer research. And when the world’s leading cancer scientists gather for their annual conference, some local scientists will be there.

"Other researchers from around the world can learn from their discoveries and they can learn from other researchers" said the Hormel Institute’s Tim Ruzek.

When 18 thousand scientists, patient advocates and other professionals in the field of cancer research gather in San Diego starting this weekend --

"The very great scientists will bring their new stuff, and you can communicate with them and question them" said Dr. Ke Yao --- researchers from the Hormel Institute in Austin will be among them.

It's the 105th meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

"A lot of natural compounds, they have a very similar structure as already identified clinical drugs" the Hormel Institute’s Dr. Ke Yao told us. She will be presenting at the conference, sharing research into preventive substances found in nature.

"We already know they have so many clinical drugs for treatment for cancer, but we don't want it to happen. Before it happens we want it to ... if you don't have it, that is much better than if you have it and treat it, that is much easier."

And next month, the Institute plans to break ground on a 27 million dollar expansion.

"We're going to add 15 new labs. We've got 20 right now, and then five core units, which are basically five more labs, so we're almost doubling the research space in the institute" the Institute’s Craig Jones told us.

“Even within our scientists here at the Hormel Institute they collaborate with each other where their expertise may end up going into another person's expertise and helping them further their progress in that project," says Ruzek.

And when the next great cancer research break-through comes, it could come from the Hormel Institute ... with the help of 18-thousand researchers from around the world.

“That will be great, and we want a cancer free world, right?" cancer researcher Dr. Ke Yao said.
Scientists from the Hormel Institute will also present their research into why colon cancer often develops resistance into the most common drug used to treat it.