New Medical Marijuana Ad Takes Aim at Governor Dayton

Updated: 04/02/2014 11:10 PM
Created: 04/02/2014 11:07 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News) -- Last week a mother claimed Governor Dayton told her to find medical marijuana on the street for her sick child. A statement he denies ever making. But the fight has now gone from he-said, she-said to an advocate group taking shots at the Governor. We spoke with the people behind the new ad campaign.

In a new TV ad out Wednesday, the medical marijuana debate in Minnesota takes a sharp turn, targeting a single politician.

“When I found out Governor Dayton was blocking a bill that would allow Paxton to get medical marijuana in Minnesota I was shocked,” Angela Garin, a St. Paul mother who is featured in the commercial.

"The commercial features one of the patients who have been working closely with us,” said Heather Azzi with Minnesotans for Compassionate Care. The organization has been involved with the production of this commercial paid for by a the Marijuana Policy Project, a national advocacy group.

"There's only one person who's standing in the way and that's Governor Dayton. We have only a few weeks left to get this done, so as much pressure as we can generate,” said Azzi. She says there are lives at stake, and without a policy change surrounding medical marijuana, people will move.

"We're pursuing looking at where we can trial this medication in a state where it's legal and the one we're looking at right now is Oregon,” said Jessica Hauser, fighting for her son.

One reason the Governor hasn't supported a measure is because law enforcement is against it. We showed the Police Chief of Cannon Falls the new commercial, “It’s a political ad,” said Cannon Falls Police Chief, Jeff McCormick. He wouldn't weigh in on the ad itself, but says they've been consistent in their concerns of legalizing smokable marijuana.

"Law enforcement is not heartless, we certainly feel for the people, however again, our biggest concern and will look at across the board regardless of the issue is what's the greatest public safety,” said McCormick.

"Our governor is a very compassionate man, he's been open minded on so many other issues, and I can only imagine that he's learning quite a bit about this and I hope that he comes around,” said Azzi.

Police Chief McCormick went on to say their main concern is smokable marijuana, pill or any other form for specific cases may still up for discussion. But the group behind the ad says the Governor is bowing to law enforcement. They're urging people to contact Dayton, saying he needs to stand up for patients.

To learn more about the group behind the add you can click on this link.