Tax Deadline Getting Closer

Created: 04/02/2014 5:32 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The two weeks leading up to April 15th are always hectic for tax preparers. But this year in Minnesota you can expect the last minute rush to be even busier than normal.

"Minnesota has a hold right now ... Minnesota's not accepting anything until April third," said Elizabeth Schmitz at the H&R Block office in Austin.

Minnesota lawmakers recently approved a tax relief bill that will provide hundreds of thousands of tax payers with extra deductions and exemptions they can declare on this year's taxes. As a result, many of those tax payers have delayed filing this year's returns.

"And they just keep saying we're going to keep waiting until after everything is open so we know what we're getting back and we don't have to amend," preparer Elizabeth Schmitz said.

And as with most years, this tax season brings some changes from previous years.

"People who get the working family credit should be able to get a little bit more than what they received previously. There's a couple that are for students in regards to tuition for college and student loans," Elizabeth Schmitz explained.

And from the IRS: "From now on we will treat same-sex spouses as married for all federal tax purposes." It’s part of an up[date video prepared by the IRS and posted to Youtube: “This change applies as long as you got married in a location that recognizes same sex marriages."

That applies to all federal tax provisions, where marriage is a factor: "Such as determining filing status, naming personal and dependent exemptions, taking the standard deduction, receiving employee benefits, contributing to an IRA and claiming your earned income tax credit or child tax credit," according to the IRS video.

And with the tax filing deadline now less than two weeks away, preparers are getting ready for the last-minute rush.

"I've got them all with extra hours now, just in case," Elizabeth Schmitz told us.

And despite the changes, she said  one thing remains constant:

"We will be done for sure April 15th."