Undercover Officers Seeing Alarming Trends in Olmsted County

Created: 03/27/2014 6:07 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Two local undercover officers, who work for the Southeast Minnesota Task Force, say they're seeing some alarming things in Olmsted County. But because they're undercover, we're protecting their identities by hiding their faces and distorting their voices.

"We used to find a dealer with a pound of meth it was a huge deal, a pound of meth, now we're seeing low level dealers that are dealing in 1 to 2 pounds of meth."
The two undercover officers, who we will not identify, spoke before the Rochester Rotary today. They say heroin and cocaine are also a problem in southeastern Minnesota. Maybe no surprise there, but they say there is something many people don't know... the amount of overdoses taking place.

"The number of overdoses reported is far less than the actual number of overdoses we're seeing here."

And the drug task force says the increased amount of drug use is also increasing the amount of crime.    

"We all of the sudden start seeing the burglary's and the thefts go up because as the prices double, the addicts are still addicted. They need to get more money somehow."

But where are the drugs coming from? The task force says a majority of the cocaine is coming from Chicago, and the heroin is coming from Mexican drug cartels.

"They're flooding in a very pure, high purity level of heroin to get people hooked and they are absolutely flooding the market with it."

But a solution is not easy according to Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem.

"Trying to arrest every user is an unending task. We're never gonna get there so we need to get to the education piece and also then try to work up the chain to get to the dealers if we can."

Ostrem says the city is seeing more and more cases involving heroin. But something, maybe even more alarming... teenagers abusing and selling their own prescription drugs.  

"A kid will go to school and take his medicine with him and find out, hey, anyone wants to buy Riddilin or Adderall and they're selling and making a bunch of money, telling mom and dad they lost their prescription and they call the doctor to get another and the kids are re-selling it."

Today, we also sat down with members of the Adult and Teen Challenge Program in Rochester, an organization that helps to get people off of drugs. We'll tell you what their reaction is to this news was tonight, on ABC 6 News at ten.

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