Mayo Responds to Medical Marijuana Request

Created: 03/24/2014 6:44 PM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Medical marijuana is getting a lot of attention at the capitol this legislative session. And now, it could be getting a lot of attention in Rochester as well. As we reported, Governor Dayton is proposing $2.2 million in research money for Mayo Clinic.

The money would go into researching CBD. It's a marijuana-derived oil that doesn't have THC, so it doesn't produce a "high". Some people believe it can help children suffering from seizures, and Mayo Clinic is now saying they're on board.

"I see her have a seizure 5 or 6 times a day," said Verona Bedtka. Her daughter, 8-month-old Aby, suffers from intractable epilepsy.

"I know she's in there, but in her brain, she's not here," said Bedtka.      

It's the exact condition Governor Dayton is proposing funding for. He wants Mayo to look into how CBD would help kids with intractable epilepsy. In a statement, Mayo says "we welcome the opportunity to be part of this clinical research and bring science to the question."

The Bedtka family is one of many who have thought about relocating to Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal. We'll share more of their journey from Iowa to Mayo Clinic, Tuesday on ABC 6 News.