U.S. Senator Pushes for Measures to Help Ice Rinks

Created: 03/23/2014 11:08 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- Today Senator Amy Klobuchar announced she's pushing the EPA to help rinks figure out how they'll respond to a change that might cost them millions of dollars.

There are hundreds of ice rinks in Minnesota and a chemical used to make ice year round will no longer be produced by 2020.

The chemical is called R22 and is supposed to damage the ozone layer.

Rinks in our area have some tough choices like switching to ammonia.

Klobuchar is asking the EPA to quickly create measures to help rinks in what they need to do to change, help avoid price hikes while R22 is still available and teach rinks how to prevent leaks.

Klobuchar's efforts are separate from state lawmakers who are working to get $5 million dollars from the state bonding bill to help cover upgrade costs.

Senator Amy Klobuchar wants EPA to help rinks adjust to change.