Teens Targeting Teens in Drug Related Crimes

Updated: 03/22/2014 12:54 AM
Created: 03/21/2014 10:43 PM
By: Laura Lee

(ABC 6 News) -- It's a problem the Rochester Police Department is seeing a spike in. Teens targeting teens over the selling and purchasing of drugs.
ABC 6 sat down with a mother who tells us her son was a victim all because he trusted a friend.

"It was quite scary, the first night no one in the house slept," says Robin.

Robin is worried for the safety of her family after her teenage son was robbed by his own classmate.

"It revolved around the purchase of an iPhone 5," she says.  

Her son was told he could buy it at a discounted price.  He took the bait and during the exchange, he was robbed.

"He was befriended by another kid and the kid took him to another place where they were going to do this transaction of this iPhone 5 and it turned out to be a robbery," says Robin.

"A lot of them are the same age group, so they have contact through social media or they grew up with them and that's how they trust them to point where the individuals are able to take advantage of them," says Officer Steven Beery with the Rochester Police Department.

Teens targeting teens.
"We've had numerous crimes directly related to the selling and purchasing of marijuana," he says.
And in some cases using the sale of technology as a ploy. Officer Beery is a police liason at John Marshall High School.
He says within the last year, he has investigated nearly a dozen cases across the city similar to this one.
"Usually they set up a transaction from a place that is not accessible or obscure so they can take advantage of the victim," says Beery.

And often times the suspects outnumber the victim.  Even threatening the victim and their family if they go to police.

"They said they would stab him and they knew where he lived," says Robin.

"This isn't the first time where the family has been wrapped up in the the threat made by suspects to prevent them from reporting," says Beery.

"I was so scared, I felt violated," says Robin recalling he terrifying moment, "with the threats, it made us so uneasy so we have taken precautionary steps to make sure our doors are locked, that our safety lights are on, we have dogs and police are keeping surveillance on the home."

"All we can say is we will do our best to protect the family and keep them and the neighborhood safe and keep them safe," says Beery.

We're told in some of these cases, there have been charges.   But because they are juveniles, names cannot be released.
As for how to keep your children safe, police say keep an eye on the activity of your kids. 

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