Approval Given for New $2 Million Library in Kasson

Created: 03/14/2014 5:50 PM
By: Hannah Tran

"Right now, it's about 25 hundred square feet," said librarian Art Tiff.

Plans call for a much larger building. A 2 million dollar project will build a 15,000 square foot facility in size to better accommodate a growing population in the area.

"During story hour it can get very crowded," said Tiff.

Donna Kirchgatter has been working in the library for 8 years. After her first year, she already saw a need to expand.

"We need more room and storage," said Kirchgatter.

The storage room in the back of the library is packed to the max. There are books everywhere, boxes filled with items like a water bottle and bubble wrap, even a rocking chair was shoved in the room near the ceiling. But that's not all. There is even more stuff that is stored at the City Hall.

"It can't be organized, it's hard to get organized if you don't have the room," said Kirchgatter.

The building will either be built on the east side of West Park or at the site of a school from 1918. The building will have a dome shape and contain a variety of sections and new technology.

"There are areas for children, areas for young adults, and for seniors," said Tiff. 

Thousands and thousands of books will multiply into thousands more. The average curious reader of Kasson will have an even bigger bounty of books.