Northwood Woman Testifies Before US Senate Committee

Created: 03/13/2014 6:36 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 News) -- She spoke for seven minutes, and had the attention of some of Washington’s most influential policy makers.

"I work hard, very hard, and I think I'm worth ten dollars and ten cents," Alicia McCrary said.

On Wednesday she had a chance to tell her story

“I’m the mother of four boys” Alicia McCrary told the U-S Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee during a hearing in Washington, DC. She was there to ask the committee to raise the federal minimum wage.

"I started at $7.25, and this month after my year anniversary, I got increased to $7.65," she told the committee. Today, at her home in Northwood, she told ABC 6: “I cannot raise four kids on 7-65 an hour. It hurts so bad to keep saying no."

“She's trying her best to make sure we have food, clothing and shelter," said 10-year-old Caleb McCrary.

“They can never all get hair cuts in the same month, and definitely we cannot buy shoes or clothes," Alicia McCrary told the committee.

And with the fees involved in letting her sons play school sports:

"If you play football this time, then I can let you guys play basketball. Basketball is a little cheaper than football," she told us Thursday at her home in Northwood.

Her working hours are limited because she relies on public transportation to get back and forth between her home in Northwood and her fast food job in Mason City.

"With this raise came a slight increase in my rent as we live in subsidized housing, a cut in my food assistance," Alicia McCrary told Senator Tom Harkin’s committee.

"I oftentimes wish senators and congressman could just life a few months how you live," Harkin said.

“This is how I live every day, trying to make it," Alicia McCrary said.

Alicia McCrary moved to Northwood two years ago to escape an abusive relationship in Chicago.

She was invited to testify before the Harkin committee because of her involvement with the "North Iowa Community Development" Agency.

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