Flag at Soldiers Field Lowered for Fallen Waseca Soldier

Created: 03/05/2014 5:50 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- A soldier with ties to Rochester started a personal project that's gone global. An American flag he received from family has traveled to memorial sites across the world and it made a trip to Soldier's Field Wednesday.

While the flag was flown as part of his project, it was also to remember the Minnesota soldier we lost just a few days ago.

"It's actually a flag that was started by my dad when he went to Iraq in 2006, he flew it at his base," said Colin Fulbright.

Since that time, he's taken this flag around the world. "I took it to Afghanistan, it's gone to places like Valley Forge, and Gettysburg. It's been on a bunch of Navy ships..." said Fulbright.

The list of places is 15 pages long. His goal is to fly it at iconic American sites, connecting the flag to American tradition. He also takes it to places like Soldier's Field Memorial, where fallen soldiers are remembered.

"It's all about that, it’s all about just honoring their sacrifices," said Fulbright. It comes at a somber time for our state, as we just lost Waseca native Lance Cpl. Caleb L. Erickson.

"My heart goes out to the family and I feel for them because I've been there. I've had friends lost and I just wish them all the best," said Fulbright. Lance Cpl. Erickson's body was returned to the US just a day ago.

After Fulbright's flag flew Wednesday, they lowered another flag to half-staff in honor of Lance Cpl Erickson.

"Unfortunately there are those that will be lost but think from a grateful nation, we are very appreciative of all the things, all that our service members do," said Fulbright.

Funeral Services for Lance Cpl. Erikson will be held on Monday, March 10th at 10:30am at Grace Lutheran Church in Waseca.