House Discussing Expanded Victim Notification Bill

Created: 03/03/2014 12:07 AM

(ABC 6 News) -- The Victim Notification Bill that is currently being discussed in the House will allow victims of violent crimes to have the specific zip code as to where the offender resides.

Area of residence is something that has been available to victims in Olmsted and Mower counties for a while now, but this law codifies it, according to Jeanne Ronayne with victim services.

"The more information victims have access to, the abundant information that will help them take actions to keep themselves safe, and at the same time the state is balancing that with the need for an offender to have some privacy and be able to re-enter successfully into the community," said Ronayne.

While the zip code or area of residence could soon be open to victims, the specific address is still confidential.

Victims will still have to request this information to be available to them, but should they do so, it would be required that the state give the zip code to them.

A preview of the some of the bills in this week's legislative session.