Snowy Intersections Posing Challenges for Local Drivers

Created: 02/28/2014 6:37 PM
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 News) -- Charles Vanderburg works at Erdman's County Market in Kasson, where just turning onto main roads is posing a challenge.

"You got to get out almost into the middle of the intersection to see if there's any other vehicles coming," said Vanderburg.

Vanderburg says he appreciates that the city is trying to make the intersections safer by getting rid of some of the high snowbanks. Greg Thomas works with Vanderburg at the market.

"A lot of times you're getting out there a ways and then it's clear then if it's clear then you can go, but a lot of times yes it's hard to see," said Thomas.

A big problem Kasson City Administrator Randy Lenth says the city is facing is getting signs dug out from under the snow.

"There's 8-foot cliffs around those stop signs, some of our stop signs were buried so we have to make sure people can see the stop signs," said Lenth.

Lenth says the city is trying to create “sight triangles” at each intersection, but says this winter has been more difficult than ever.

"With the big snow drifts that we're having, we have no sight triangle, most people have to creep out and as is the case with most communities creep out and see the traffic," said Lenth.