Ceremonial Beam Signed As Part of Saint Marys Emergency Room Remodel

Updated: 02/26/2014 12:54 PM
Created: 02/26/2014 12:53 PM

(ABC 6 News) - A ceremony was held at Mayo Clinic Saint Marys Campus Tuesday, to thank though who've played a role in the emergency room renovation.

It's been roughly 30 years since that emergency room has been renovated. The plan is to modernize the facility by adding universal care rooms so any patient can be treated at any time. Everyone involved signed this beam that will go up during construction.

"We hope for 20 to 30 years that this beam will be in place and that when they finally remodel for the next time that they will see the individuals who were involved in it," says Mayo Clinic's Martin Wolf.

The project is about a third of the way done. It's expected to be complete in August 2015.