Hayfield Students and Staff Review Social Media Policy Following Twin Cities Incident

Updated: 02/25/2014 10:50 PM
Created: 02/25/2014 8:41 PM

(ABC 6 News) --- Students and staff in Hayfield got a timely reminder on social media use Tuesday.

Twin Cities speaker Craig Hillier, with Winning Edge Seminars, talked about responsibility and said the recent case out of Rogers should serve as a learning experience.
He offered a few tips.  One, whatever you post is a reflection of yourself.  Two, what you post is permanent and three, what you post can be harmful.

"When you send something out that can and is potentially harmful, sometimes we don't see how that impacts the people around us," says Hillier, "I asked how many have been hurt by something said on social media and the hands went flying, so sometimes we don't think before we press send."

Hillier does want to emphasize that social media is also a great tool, but we all just have to manage it responsibly.   

For information on Hayfield High Schools's current social media policy, we've posted a link to it under the Featured Links tab.