Senators Talk About Legislative Priorities

Created: 02/25/2014 6:00 PM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The 2014 legislative session is officially underway. There are some big issues on this year's agenda. We've heard a lot of social issues people want to see taken up this session. But what are the top priorities for Minnesota lawmakers? Taxes, and bonding. Those are the two biggest things state senators are going to be looking at this session.

"Really on the top of my mind are repealing those taxes that are so damaging to our tel-com industry, our warehousing industry, farm equipment repair and of course one of our largest employers, IBM," said State Senator Carla Nelson.

"I did not support the tax increases, the business to business increases last session and I think that will be a priority going into the 2014 legislative session," said State Senator Jeremy Miller.

"I think there's general agreement aside from a few people to do that. They're counterproductive. We don't need the money," added State Senator Dave Senjem.

The bonding bill is expected to be somewhere in the ballpark of $800 million.

"Roads and bridges are a big item in our area of the state. Particularly because of the river valleys, things like that. There's really need there that the bonding bill will help take care of," said Senjem.

"There's been a lot of changes over the years to the civic center, or convention center. One of those things is the destination medical center," said Nelson.

Other than taxes, and the bonding bill, the other thing lawmakers are realizing, is just how fast they need to get things done.

"It's going to be fast. I hope it’s going to be short and sweet. Some say its going to be fast and furious," said Nelson.

"It will be very fast track. This is a very short session. Virtually less than three months so this place is going to be spinning very quickly for the next three months," said Senjem.

And being at the capitol, you could definitely feel that sense of urgency.