NASA Astronaut Speaks at Mayo Clinic

Updated: 02/24/2014 10:57 PM
Created: 02/24/2014 9:21 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News) -- A unique perspective surrounding medical solutions was heard Monday night at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Tom Marshburn spent five months working on the International Space Station.

While in space, he and this co-workers performed 150 experiments, like developing new materials and manipulating fluids. They also tested themselves along the way.

“Floating around in space is a lot like accelerated aging, our bones waste away and so a lot of the things we're finding out could be benefit to find out how to prevent osteoporosis or cardio vascular de-condition which is wasting away of the cardio vascular system as we get older,” said NASA Astronaut, Dr. Tom Marshburn.

Dr. Marshburn says their research in space led to new medical devices. NASA and Mayo Clinic work closely to bring these new advancements to patients.