Standoff Over at Austin Apartment Complex

Updated: 02/24/2014 6:21 PM
Created: 02/24/2014 10:36 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It was Sunday night, and the weekend was slowly winding down for the residents of the Park Place Commons apartments in Austin. But shortly before eight o'clock, it stopped being quiet.

Steven Fritz, 47, was acting very paranoid, unpredictable. He's had recent issues with mental health" Austin police chief Brian Krueger explained.

“They had somebody barricaded into their house, they had locked themselves inside," said Latasha Beighley, who lives at the apartment complex.

Police say Steven Fritz was also wanted on a warrant in Olmsted county, misdemeanor theft, and failing to appear in court on the charge in 2012.

"It was known to the officers that there were firearms in the apartment," police chief Brian Krueger said.

“He drinks a lot," Latasha Beighley told ABC6 news.

“Alcohol was also involved in this incident, and alcohol and weapons don't work out," police chief Brian Krueger said.

“They evacuated everybody from that building and they tried to keep everybody in this building," Latasha Beighley said.

“I do believe he is the father of someone employed in that apartment complex," police chief Brian Krueger told us.

“He knows the code for all the buildings, and he has a master key," Latasha Beighley added.

“It was a huge concern, that's why a perimeter was set up and officers waited to make sure he did not leave that apartment," added chief Brian Krueger.

"My friend lives right across from the landlord, they had said you need to leave because someone has a gun across the hall," said apartment complex resident Latasha Beighley.

The Austin police department’s SIRT team used a pass key to get into Fritz' apartment shortly before ten o'clock Monday morning and arrested him without incident.

"Finally they got him out in cuffs, and he came out smiling so I guess everything's okay," Latasha Beighley said.

“The officers did recover four handguns. I believe at least two of them were loaded," police chief Brian Krueger said.

No one was hurt.

“The best outcome is where everybody goes home safe at the end of the day," Krueger said.

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