Road Problems Outnumber Help Into Friday

Updated: 02/21/2014 5:20 PM
Created: 02/21/2014 4:03 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- The heavy snow fall is over, but it’s the blowing snow that’s proven to be a problem all day long. Cars have been constantly getting stuck in drifts from the overnight hours and into today. It was so bad, Olmsted County Sheriff's Deputies had to rescue 5 stranded drivers via snowmobile.

Tow trucks were getting stuck and couldn’t rescue the drivers that dared to venture out in this. They started hitting the streets again closer to daylight, but even now, plow drivers say it hasn't improved all that much.

“We had to pull the trucks off of the road. Plows got pulled off the road. We couldn't move. We just had to let people sit until this morning, and this afternoon we finally are getting to the point where we can actually get to people and get them pulled out," said Bruce Nelson at Virgil's Auto Clinic.

"It's daylight, but it's still blowing and drifting… bad," said MnDOT plow driver Brian Carlin.

Carlin had been out since midnight clearing highways and says the drifts have been the biggest challenge in this storm.

"You can’t see after you push through a snow drift, there's zero visibility," said Carlin.

Since they and tow trucks were getting stuck, clearly for your average driver conditions were nearly impossible,

"There were actually more cars out there than I expected," said Carlin.

Many of them winding up in the ditch, something plow drivers have also been helping with.

"We stop for almost everybody that's in the ditch to see if they have help on the way," said Carlin.

However, at one point, the number of drivers in distress outnumbered the help.

"We've had calls from the hotels this morning that people are at. The hotels are trying to get to us so we can take them out to their car and get them pulled out,"  said Nelson.

Now 5 hours behind schedule and a lot of work still ahead, tow truck drivers, plow drivers, even first responders are likely all thinking one thing.

"I just want this day to be over," said Nelson.