President Obama Outlines Green Trucking Plan

Created: 02/18/2014 6:43 PM
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- President Obama is ordering for more fuel-efficient, heavy-duty trucks, which he says could save the truck industry nearly $50 billion.

Colin Piepho with Piepho Moving and Storage says fuel costs the company nearly 10% of its revenue, but he also admits that could go down if President Obama's demands for more fuel efficient trucks are met.

"It seems to me like the cost of diesel would outweigh the increased up front cost for us," said Piepho.

The regulations would apply only to new trucks, and since Piepho's company usually buys used trucks, he doesn't expect to make any immediate purchases. 

"What that allows us to do is allows us to phase in those trucks into our fleet over a certain period of time rather than having to buy a bunch of new trucks at one time, which is really impossible for a small business like our to try and do," said Piepho.

The president calls this a win for the economy. He projects it will save owners and operators $50 billion  in fuel costs.

"We want trucks that use less oil, save more money and cut pollution,” said Obama.

Obama says that while heavy-duty trucks account for only 4% of all trucks on the highways, they account for 20% of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions on the roads. That leads Piepho to believe businesses with these heavy-duty trucks may soon turn to natural gas.

"It's better for fuel emissions and also natural gas is a lot cheaper, so I think that's actually where we're going to be seeing a lot of trucks.. I know that we've started to look at natural gas as a solution for us," said Piepho.

The new standards for trucks are expected to begin in March of 2016. The president's goal is to drive oil imports down and cut down on carbon pollution.