2014 Beat the Odds Scholarship Winners

Updated: 03/03/2014 6:08 PM
Created: 02/17/2014 11:11 AM

(ABC 6 News) -- This year, ABC 6 News is proud to join the RCTC Foundation in honoring the 2014 Beat the Odds scholarship winners.

Each of these high school seniors has overcome incredible challenges in her/his life.  Below are the links to the stories of this year's recipients.

Beat the Odds: Alyssa Bartel

Beat the Odds: Isaiah Grafe

Beat the Odds: Micaela Rud

Beat the Odds: Tawna Christenson

Beat the Odds: John Roberge

Beat the Odds: Anglee Morrow

Alyssa Bartel
Isaiah Grafe
Micaela Rud
Tawna Christenson
John Roberge
Anglee Morrow