Employee Questions OMC's Response to Data Breach

Created: 02/14/2014 6:56 PM
By: Ellery McCardle

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Some Olmsted Medical Center employees are feeling the effects of the data breach.

Now in the form of tax returns. 

Rochester police say about a dozen OMC employees had their tax information stolen.

Now the IRS has sent their tax returns to someone else. 

Friday a current employee contacted ABC 6 News to voice their concern.

This employee did not want their identity revealed because they say they found an email from administration urging all employees not to talk to the media. OMC spokesperson Jeremy Salucka says in a statement, “As an OMC employee myself, I have neither received nor seen any such e-mail. As OMC’s primary media-relations contact and spokesperson, I have not issued any such directive.”

They say the letter thanks employees for their cooperation in this matter. 

But there's one thing this employee says they haven't gotten yet, an apology. They are upset that hasn't happened. Salucka says, “It is not exactly true, no. OMC repeatedly has expressed its regret for any adverse effects of the breach on all those affected, and has worked extremely fast to offer employees resources and guidance for taking concrete actions in response to an unlawful and unauthorized act.”

OMC is paying for one year of 'legal shield identity protection' for employees, and this employee says there are people at OMC to give employees advice on how to protect themselves.

But the worker who contacted ABC 6 wants OMC to do more. Salucka says “OMC has, for several years, offered – at a discounted rate – identity-theft protection to its employees. Upon confirming the data breach, OMC quickly decided to offer one year of free protection to employees, spouses/partners, and up to eight dependents. This protection is consistent with other US employers’ offerings following illegal data breaches.”

Salucka says they are extremely disheartened to hear these questions from an employee.

He says OMC has gotten positive feedback from their staff on this issue and they've made it clear that they're open to employee questions and concerns about the breach.