Extended Cold Becoming Nuisance

Updated: 02/10/2014 5:55 PM
Created: 02/10/2014 5:47 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- There's no arguing that it is downright cold outside. And while the sub-zero temperatures can be dangerous, many people are simply sick of it.

In the frozen tundra of Minnesota, cold weather is not new. Turning on your television, and hearing something like this, "wind chills are 25 degrees below zero," is also not new. In fact the cold weather, is simply getting old.

"This is horrible," said Arizona native Herb Lienenbrugger.   

"It's terrible," said Patricia Mrazk, who is actually moving to Hawaii in three weeks.

"It just makes me want to stay at home in my bed," added April Lindloff

And exactly how cold has it been? So far this winter in Rochester, there have been 40 days where the temperature has been below zero. The last time we came close to that was twenty years ago, when there were 29 days. And keep in mind, this winter, isn't over yet.

The snow doesn't bother me much, it's the cold. I think people aren't used to it, they're sick of it," said Keith Fligge, of Albert Lea.

But in weather like this, some people are focusing on the positives.

"We're going to Arizona in March; we should have gone earlier," said Fligge.

"I've decided to move, and this winter proves to me that I made the right decision," said Mrazk.

Also, new car sales, when people can't get their own to start.

"And if people want to see a car, or they go online, we can bring it inside," said John Wade with Clements in Rochester.

But for everybody else, they're just dealing with it, hoping it will all be over soon.

"It's fierce, it's bitter. We just want to know when it will subside, and turn," said Fligge.