OMC Updates Data Theft, Offers Employees Identity Theft Help

Updated: 02/06/2014 6:10 PM
Created: 02/06/2014 3:19 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Olmsted Medical Center is dispelling rumors that an employee data theft was an inside job.

OMC spokesperson Jeremy Salucka released a statement that says OMC continues to work with the FBI's Cyber Crime Division.  OMC says the data breach has impacted employees who live in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Oregon.

"Again, we are treating this incident as a criminal act, and some of our public-facing communications will be framed/shaped by confidentiality and legal requirements related to an ongoing investigation," Salucka said.

Thursday OMC said it was taken three additional steps related to the breach.

The first is next week a member of the Rochester Police Department's Advanced Crime Prevention/CPTED special to conduct identity theft sessions for its employees.

Second, additional space, personnel, equipment and time has been allocated to allow employees to address any identity theft concerns.

Third, OMC will continue to monitor sensitive personal information.

"Again, Olmsted Medical Center considers this incident an extremely serious, unlawful, and unauthorized breach of private and privileged information, and is aggressively investigating the event. As our investigation into this breach continues, we will continue to provide regular updates to our employees," Salucka added.