Employee Information Illegally Accessed at Olmsted Medical Center

Created: 02/05/2014 10:50 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News) -- A criminal investigation is underway after Olmsted Medical Center says somebody hacked into its employee database. We talked with a local computer expert on how people can protect themselves.

Law enforcement agencies including the FBI are now involved after Olmsted Medical Center's employee database was breached. As for what information was stolen, we're told it involved personal data of OMC employees, but it’s not believed to have included any health information of those workers or their families.

"I know it worries a lot of people, myself included,” said Sam Malone, Assistant Administrator at CWS. Sam Malone works for Corporate Web services in Rochester. A company that takes extra steps to ensure their client's data is safe.

"We employ high level of network security, specifically firewalls we require our clients to have passwords that are upper case, lowercase, include a number and a specially character,” said Malone.

Something he recommends for anyone that has important information online. Malone has no knowledge of what happened with OMC's database breach, but says with almost all of our data on the internet, problems like these aren't surprising.

"We have social data now and financial data sitting on a disk somewhere, a bunch of ones and zeroes theoretically and that's good and it's dangerous at the same time,” said Malone.

We're told all Olmsted Medical Center employees have been notified of what happened and have been advised on what steps to take. OMC also wants to make clear no patient information was stolen.