Olmsted Medical Center Investigating Security Breach

Created: 02/05/2014 7:01 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News) -- Tonight we're learning about an online security breach impacting local health care workers.

An investigation is underway after Olmsted Medical Center says somebody stole it's employee's personal information. Nobody from OMC would go on camera with us this afternoon. But we do know this is being treated as a criminal act and law enforcement, including the FBI, is now involved.

A spokesman for Olmsted Medical Center says it became aware of the security breach Monday. Somebody, somehow accessed electronic information stored in OMC's employee database. we talked with an independent computer expert who has no knowledge of what happened with OMC, but isn't surprised with this and other recent data breaches across the country.

"Almost all of our data now is on the internet, we have social data now and financial data and anything else is out there sitting on a disk somewhere, a bunch of ones and zeroes theoretically and that's good and it's dangerous at the same time," said Sam Malone, Assistant Administrator at CWS in Rochester.

We're told all employees have been notified of what happened and have been advised on what steps to take. OMC wants to make clear, the breach did not involve the information of any patients.