Schools Begin to Make Changes Following 'Cold Days' Off

Created: 01/30/2014 7:16 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The weather has thrown a wrench into school schedules around the area for the last couple of weeks.

And now, some districts are adding school days to make up for the weather.

"Basically the state has a set number of instructional hours each school needs to have," said Austin schools superintendent David Krenz.

The Austin school district has missed three full days this school year. That's within the target number of instructional hours, so no make-up is needed. But if there are more missed days: "We'll bring it to the school board at one of their meetings and we'll discuss what are the options," David Krenz told us.

The Albert Lea school district has missed five school days this year, and the Board of Education will discuss make-up options at a meeting Monday night. The Rochester district has missed four full days. And because the Iowa school year is based on the number of days, the Mason City school district will have to make up all three of the days it has missed so far.

"A lot of the time especially they're around some sort of vacation time,” Austin superintendent David Krenz told us.

“Families make plans, you have to cut those short, it makes it difficult."

“As teachers, it's our job to establish and maintain the most normal routine we can, not only for ourselves, but for the kids," said Sumner elementary school second grade teacher Chris Gogolewski.

And with all those lost days, late starts and early dismissals, this has been anything BUT a normal school year.

“It really depends on what we're doing. If it's something we can shorten and condense, we'll make the five days fit into three. But if it's something we need to spend more time on we'll just carry it over to the next week, making sure we cover it thoroughly," second grade teacher Chris Gogolewski explained.

And since Mother Nature has the final say about what the rest of this winter will bring: "We just keep our fingers crossed," superintendent David Krenz laughed.