Hayfield Leader Raises Concern with Dodge County Sheriff's Office

Updated: 01/29/2014 6:44 PM
Created: 01/29/2014 6:10 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Another party is voicing their concerns about the Dodge County Sheriff's Department. The state of the sheriff's department in the wake of firing Chief Deputy Mike Leonhardt was the focus of discussion at this week's Hayfield City Council meeting.
It's been one concern after another in the near two weeks since Dodge County Sheriff Jim Jensen fire his second in command. The latest coming during a city council meeting in Hayfield this week. Council Member Anthony Reese read a prepared statement.
"As a city council member, I feel that it is my duty to put on record that I am concerned about the department's negative feedback and it may be a direct reflection of how things are being run,” said Hayfield City Council Member Anthony Reese.
Hayfield spends a $100,000 to contract the sheriff's department and there's growing frustration about how the money is being spent. Some wondering why it takes so long for them to respond to incidents in Hayfield.
“I’ve told them if they have concerns to get a hold of me, I will come down and address the concerns,” said Dodge County Sheriff, Jim Jensen.
Sheriff Jensen says Hayfield only contracts a deputy to be there in the evenings. So during the day, with deputies spread across the county, response times vary. But Council Member Reese also worries about the recent negative backlash surrounding the sheriff's department.
"If the negative media and conduct persist, I would ask that the council hold a special meeting to discuss the terms of Dodge County Sheriff's contract with the city,” said Reese.
The contract between Hayfield and the sheriff's department has yet to change, but Sheriff Jensen says it's ultimately the cities decision. "We're doing the contracts to the cities as a courtesy to the cities, so if Hayfield would like to start their own department, that's up to them,” said Sheriff Jensen.
Sheriff Jensen did meet with the Mayor of Hayfield to discuss any issues that need to be resolved. Jensen says he also plans to check in with each community they contract on a regular basis.