Austin City Council to Consider E-Cig Ban

Created: 01/21/2014 10:52 PM
By: John Doetkott

(ABC 6 News) -- A ban on e-cigarettes could soon be coming to Austin.

Tonight the Austin City Council discussed amending city ordinances to prohibit the devices from being used in public spaces.  An official proposal won't be made until after the council meets with a health expert in February.

But councilor and ABC 6 staff member Janet Anderson said she introduced the idea to try and keep up with current trends.

"The vapors from e-cigarettes have health risks as well so we want to make sure we're being proactive in how we approach the use of e-cigarettes, and how they're sold and were they can be used," Anderson said.

E-cigs are already banned in certain areas of Rochester.  Mankato recently passed a similar measure prohibiting their use indoors where smoking is not allowed.