Minnesota Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics Opposes Newborn Blood Screening Decision

Created: 01/14/2014 10:59 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) – Monday night we told you about a settlement that's been reached in a case involving the State of Minnesota's use of blood samples left over from new born screenings. On Tuesday, Doctors with the Minnesota Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics fired back.

The doctor we spoke with says the Minnesota Newborn Screening Program was one of the best in the county, and that this is setting them back to be one of the worst. Dr. Robert Jacobson with Minnesota Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics says we are now one of the only states to throw out  this type of data. Something that the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled must happen to the roughly 900,000 results.

"Often by this test we can change something in the patients diet, or give them medication, or a begin therapy that would prevent disability or death for the rest of their lives, saving the state money, preventing a lot of hardship on the family and the child, and what we're doing is dismantling the program. This is a terrible thing that happened yesterday," said Dr. Jacobson. He says he and others are working with lawmakers to change the law back, so they can retain records for medical research.

We did speak to an Austin father who was part of the lawsuit last night. For Mondays full story, click here.