Cadaver Dogs Join Search for Man in Mississippi

Created: 01/09/2014 6:32 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Crews have been working all week to locate 29-year-old Andrew Kingsbury. Thursday search and rescue dogs were brought in to narrow down the search on the Mississippi River.

We talked with several of the missing man's family members who are all hoping for closure.

"We've been out here every day since Sunday, working with all the local departments and trying to find Andy,” said Chad Kingsbury, Andy’s brother.

It’s a nightmare no one would want to live through. Hearing the news of a loved one presumed dead, but crews unable to find the body. Andy Kingsbury has been missing since Sunday morning when the SUV he was in went through the ice near Winona. The other three bodies have been found, but Andy’s family is still waiting on the shoreline. 

"Just trying to bring an end to a really devastating situation,” said Kingsbury. 

Closure is the priority of all agencies involved in the search. Thursday, search and rescue dogs were brought in to try to narrow down the area, "It's amazing on what the dogs are able to do,” said Jean Musgjerd, with the Southern Minnesota Canine Search and Rescue Team. 

Holes were drilled in the ice for cadaver dogs to pick up scent from under the water. The conditions on the Mississippi River are difficult, but these dogs are trained to work in all types of situations.

"It's hard to say that we're not having success because even though you don't have an alert somewhere, that still is helping narrow down on maybe where not to search and then expand from there,” said Musgjerd. 

The Winona County Dive Rescue team is also on hand, "We've been using site scan sonar, we've been using underwater cameras, we've been doing some diving, we've been using a remote operated vehicle,” said Brian Buerck, leader of Winona County Dive Rescue. 

Crews are slowly inching their way down stream, but every extra hour creates a heavier burden for Andy’s family and his brother Chad. 

"It's devastating you know, it's brother, son, friend, family, co-worker I mean that's it, we got to find a way to get him back, put him to rest,” said Kingsbury. 

Andy’s family couldn't tell me enough how thankful they are for everyone's help. Meanwhile, crews were reconstructing the accident itself for the first time Thursday.