Mantorville Lowering Taxes While Making Improvements

Created: 01/09/2014 5:41 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- For small towns it can be difficult to pay for large projects. The city of Mantorville says they are doing everything to avoid raising taxes on their community members. They say they are cost cutting in order to ease the burden on tax payers.

There are many reasons residents like living here in the historic town of Mantorville.

"You know we like this little town it's pretty quaint here," said resident Doug Schmidt.

You can now add to that lower taxes.

"Everyone loves lower taxes, that's normal you know," said Schmidt.

But for many small towns like this, it's not easy to ask for less.

"We really focused on our budget this year, we went line for line," said Mayor Chuck Bradford.

Bradford says the city got creative this year by cutting simple things from their budget and finding cost saving ways to do things.

"We we're able to make a substantial reduction in our budget which allowed us to do a negative one percent tax increase," said Bradford.

Those cuts and savings included planting a few less trees and buying a used fire truck instead of a brand new one.

But the city has some expensive projects ahead. Their current wastewater treatment facility is 24 years old. Four years past it's life expectancy. It’s a cost they can’t avoid.

Bradford says their year of savings will help them fund the new treatment facility.

"Now we know what our cost structure is, it had been an open question before the last two years, so now we should be able to form a plan and a dollar amount," said Bradford.

While the drop may not last long, residents are at least happy to see some relief.

"No one wants to see higher taxes, but you do what you got to do to make a community work," said Schmidt.

The city is looking for some bonding money to help pay for the new waste water facility.