Gingerbread House Gives Away 1,000 Loaves of Free Bread

Created: 01/01/2014 6:16 PM KAALtv.com
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The Gingerbread House in Rochester gave out 1,000 loaves of bread Wednesday.

"We make a lot of dough, we just don't make a lot of dough," said baker Mike Fish.

"Saw the sign it's like oh they're giving free bread away!"

This is the 4th year in a row the family owned bakery is giving away free bread.

"It's a great gesture. You should really see more of it.”

"It's just good ole hometown generosity."

Car after car stopped by to get a loaf from a freezing baker.

"It's small, and it's kind of everybody's starting over again. If we could just start off on a good note, it might ripple effect the rest of the year," said Fish.

Fish is a 4th generation baker. His family has owned The Gingerbread House for 62 years.

"1920 my grandpa gave out 1,000 loaves as an appreciation, and 4 years ago we started that back and just had so much fun with it," said Fish.

"Giving is a big thing in life."

"We were going to McDonald’s to get a cup of coffee, so I said well look at there Frank, they're giving free bread away! I think it's wonderful, so we swung in here."

Fish said they usually give the bread away within 2 hours.

"We do one per person, so if they got a car of five they get five loaves," said Fish. “When you give till it hurts, the joy kind of smothers out that hurt part, it it’s just awesome."