Cold a Good Thing for Small Businesses

Created: 12/30/2013 6:11 PM KAALtv.com
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- If you spent any time outside Monday, you know that it is downright cold out there. But for some people, the cold is actually a good thing.

Things are pretty busy here on Main Street in Kasson. It's cold outside, and while some people complain about it, many of the businesses say, the love it.

"With the big blizzards especially, if we know ahead of time, they come in for movies," said Meghan Stromme, with Kasson Dollar and Video.

Big weather events mean big business for small local stores outside of Rochester. At Kasson Dollar and Video, it's the movies that draw people in.

"Some people come in, get movies, and then plan on staying home and watching movies all night or day," said Stromme.

And also, the tanning salon in the back of the store gets busy.

"Because people like to come here and get the temporary warmth our tanning beds offer," added Stromme.

Head East on Highway 14, and you'll find the same story at the Byron Marketplace. There, it's the staple items that keep people shopping local.

"The bread and the milk business really booms. People definitely want to stay close to town," said Randy Fogelson, the owner of Byron Marketplace.

"then I don't have to run to Rochester because I'm usually pretty tired and don't plan ahead, so it's convenient. And especially when we hear there's a storm coming, you have to get here, the lines are pretty long," said local shopper Ruth Bailey Holm.

So while the cold weather may bring it's own set of problems, business owners say, keep it coming.

"As a matter of fact, the weather's our best marketing tool. A foot of snow and cold weather keeps 'em in Byron," said Fogelson.

It's not just stores that benefit. I spoke to a local pizza place that says they get busy when the weather's bad. People just want to have their food delivered to them.