Austin "Grinch" Takes Presents from Family's Storage Unit

Created: 12/22/2013 11:25 PM KAALtv.com
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 News) -- A real life “Grinch” has stolen Christmas presents from an Austin family just days before Christmas.

"They took all the Christmas presents from all the kids in this house," said Nicole Clark.

Clark and her family have had a blue Christmas so far. Clark says about $2,000 worth of Christmas presents were stolen from her storage unit in Austin.

"When we got to the storage unit, everything, the locker was part of the way open, and there was no lock on it, and I opened it, and all the toys were gone," said Clark.

Nicole said she’d been gathering the presents in her storage unit throughout the year, and when she went to wrap them up Friday, they were all gone.

"We couldn't afford to just go out and buy one giant blowout, so every paycheck, we went out and got a couple things for each of the kids and take it to the storage unit," said Clark. "I hope the person that did it feels horrible! There's 6 children that are gonna go with very little Christmas this year. They took everything."

Nicole says her kids don't know the presents were stolen, and they'll never have to know.

"It’s a terrible story," said Sheila Psych.

Psych donated gifts for Nicole’s daughter, 2 sons and 3 nephews.

"I just felt they deserved it and just wanted to do something nice," said Psych.

Psych said it's terrible that someone would steal the presents right before Christmas.

"They were in need," said Psych.

Thanks to Psych, Santa will still be alive in the hearts of six kids.

An Austin family's Christmas gifts were stolen from a storage unit.