Rochester Police Looking to Add Presence in Growing NW

Created: 12/17/2013 7:22 PM KAALtv.com
By: Katie Eldred

The Rochester City Council passed a measure Monday night to lease space to the police department in northwest Rochester. They say the space will help reduce response times in that area.

The police department’s new space will be at the Rochester Public Works and Transit Building in northwest Rochester.

City officials say with growth in Rochester's future, this most likely won’t be the last time the police department needs extra space.

"I think at some point in the future we will be challenged to provide some sort of police presence on the north side of town, just logistics and serving a growing population," said city council president Randy Staver.

Staver is hoping the new space will help officers better serve the northwest part of town.

"The police department is just in need of storage space and some office space," said Staver.

The public works building will not be used as a precinct, but officers and equipment will be deployed from the location.

Staver says this won't be the last time the city looks at new locations or even contemplates the idea of establishing precincts.

"It will allow us to test that concept of if we can improve response times and the level of services for citizens on the north end of town, so in that sense it is a good use of space and a good opportunity to test some things with our police department," said Staver.

The city had to sign and approve a lease agreement with themselves for the space because of federal funding involved to build the building.