Salvation Army Thrift Store Needs Gently Used Toys

Created: 12/17/2013 7:20 PM KAALtv.com
By: Dan Conradt

If you've done any shopping in the last couple of weeks, you know how busy the stores have been.

But some stores are having a hard time keeping the shelves full.

And you can help change that

"We've got name brand clothes, we've got brand new things in here and it's at a fraction of the cost of the department stores," said Tammy Quirindongo at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Austin.

Unlike department stores, places like the thrift store depend on you to keep the shelves full. And a week before Christmas:

"Our donations this year have been down from years past," Tammy Quirindongo told us.

“For the last two, three weeks we have been scaling down a little bit every day, but the past week has been extremely slow," added Stacy Wisemore at the Army’s distribution center in Austin.

"Especially for the kids, our gently used toys are running low," Tammy Quirindongo explained.

And it comes at an especially had time.

"A lot of our customers are single parents, low income, fixed income and they want something that's nice but they can afford," Tammy Quirindongo told us.

"From the floor to the ceiling, this whole section has been full," Stacy Wisemore told ABC 6, gesturing at the warehouse-sized room that makes up the Salvation Army’s donation site. And in the “clothing” section of the room, most of the clothes hangers were empty.

"Normally this table is full to the middle bar of hangers. Now, everything we have is on the table."

So the Salvation Army is asking for your help to replenish the shelves. It might be a good chance to make space for the new stuff you'll be getting for Christmas.

"They might not even be thinking we have all this stuff we don't need any more. Let's take it to the salvation army and give it to somebody that can use it," Tammy Quirindongo said.

"The items citizens are bringing in today we are sending to the store tomorrow," the donation center’s Stacy Wisemore added.

“Bring us your gently used, loved items. If you loved them but no longer have a place for them, they no longer fit, somebody's going to feel the same way," Tammy Quirindongo said.

In Austin, you can drop your gently used items at the Salvation Army donation center, not at the thrift store itself.

The donation center is open from 9am to 4pm Monday through Saturday.