Shots Fired in Rochester

Created: 12/12/2013 6:36 PM KSTP.com
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Rochester Police are getting closer to solving two recent shootings they believe to be connected. Two people are in custody after several rounds were fired during a drive by shooting in Rochester. We talked with a woman living in the apartment complex where the shooting happened.

"When I first heard the gunshots I thought I was in danger,” said Kenya Wilson, apartment tenant. 

Kenya Wilson was home, just a couple doors down from where bullets were fired at her apartment complex, "My life flashed before my eyes, I couldn't understand why would anyone be shooting over here,” said Wilson.

Kenya calls her apartment complex quiet and peaceful. But that wasn't the case Wednesday afternoon when shots were directed at a group of people in the parking lot.

"It seemed like it happened right on this frontage road,” said Wilson.

Kenya says she made an anonymous 911 call. Rochester police eventually found a vehicle believed to be involved in the shooting. A traffic stop of that vehicle lead to the arrest of Emi Spandau, 24, of Rochester. 

Police say they found a handgun from another vehicle in town. A 17-year-old male associated with the car, was arrested and is being held at the juvenile detention center.

"You could say that there is no threat to the public, however, when you have shootings in broad daylight with rounds flying obviously there's a threat to the public,” said Capt. John Sherwin, Rochester Police Department. 

Rochester Police tell me these acts were not random. They are believed to be part of an ongoing dispute. Wednesday’s shooting is thought to be connected to another shooting Rochester just a couple weeks ago.

The shooting raises understandable concern to those like Kenya Wilson, “To be on the safe side I may not renew my lease or if things get better I may stay because I really do like living here,” said Wilson.

Police tell us they are in the process of identifying other suspects. They call these shootings "frustrating" because there hasn't been much cooperation from witnesses and intended victims.