Extreme Cold Keeping Youngsters Indoors

Created: 12/10/2013 6:58 PM KSTP.com
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- When its this cold outside, we are usually grateful for the heat that's provided indoors. But for kids, being stuck inside can sometimes be a little frustrating.

It's a lonely day for outdoor toys at a local Byron daycare. That's because the kids who usually play with them, are stuck inside.

"We're kind of bummed, but they understand. We live in Minnesota, we're used to it, right?" said daycare provider Sara Morris.

She says she has to get a bit creative to keep these little guys and gals entertained when its just too cold to go outside.

"I bring some of my big toys in so they can get some gross motor activity and we dance, and a couple weeks ago I brought my baby pool inside and cranked up the heat and they got a little pool party," said sara.

And over at the Byron Elementary School, kids are dealing with their fifth consecutive day of indoor recess.

"Teachers and staff will tell you there's a lot of energy running through the hallways this time of year. This is a little unprecedented, we don't typically experience this until january or february, so I hope this isn't a winter to come here with the winter cold weather but its been a challenge for sure," said Principal Abe Rodemeyer.

Both at school, and at daycare, that can cause some pretty restless youngsters.

"It's crazy. Its like this, they're loud, and wild and they kind of get on each other's nerves," said Sara.

For now, it's ring around the rosy, and other indoor play. These toys won't be played with until the weather cooperates.   At the Byron Elementary School, they say they use both their physical education classes, and their fitness classes to keep kids moving.