Committee Surveys School Trip Safety

Created: 12/10/2013 6:56 PM KSTP.com
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It's always going to rank at the top of the priority list – “Student safety is number one," Southgate elementary school principal Edwina Harder told us.

And the question is “Can we make them even safer?” That's the idea behind a new survey for parents of children in the Austin school district.

"How their children get to school and the route that they take," said principal Edwina Harder at Austin’s Southgate elementary school.

"And what we need to put in place if anything to make those routes safe for kids," added Steve Kime, who chairs the Bike/Walk committee of Austin’s Vision 2020 program.

The committee has received a planning grant from the Minnesota department of transportation to create a survey on the Austin school district website.

"One of the questions is how does your child get to school and home from school," principal Edwina Harder said. “Does your child take walking paths, bike paths, what are the deterrents if you are picking them up?"

Next spring, the survey results go back to MnDOT for review.

"With kind of a recommendation of what we can do to improve things," committee chair Steve Kime explained. “That could be anything from flashing lights, cross walks, just signage."

"It could involve crossing guards, but it could involve creation of some paths or sidewalks," added Southgate principal Edwina Harder.

And once those recommendations are in-hand, the city and the bike/walk committee will be in a position to request grant money to make those changes happen.

"Anything to make the student safe is well worth the effort,” committee chair Steve Kime said.